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Let’s Play Thru is an action-packed golf travel series showcasing world class golf destinations and the craft food and cocktail scenes surrounding them. The show is hosted by Gabriel Aluisy, bestselling author of The Definitive Guide to Membership Marketing and host of The Private Club Radio Show - the world’s #1 podcast on club management. It includes a cast of entertaining characters that aim to make golf appealing to millennials, families and thrill seekers alike.

“I’m on a mission to change golf’s image,” says Aluisy. “There are many great shows that appeal to the hard core golfer. I’m looking to attract a much broader audience and show them just how cool golf can be.”

The channel premiered on September 18th 2019, and new episodes are released every Wednesday. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to catch every new episode.

  • Gabriel Aluisy

    Host of Private Club Radio and founder of the Private Club Agency, Gabe lives and breathes for the game of golf, from both a recreational, educational and business standpoint. Let’s Play Thru is the brainchild of Gabe and had been in the pipeline for a few years before launching. Go to shot is the high draw and you’ll be sure to hear some great belly laughs as we travel around.

  • Wade Neller

    Longtime friend of Gabe’s and IT manager by trade, Wade often spends his lunch break at the range trying to find his ‘game.’ The guy loves being out on the course and has famously never turned down an adult beverage. He’s a funny guy and you never know what you’re going to get with Wade. Go to shot is the skull out of bunkers.

  • Patrick Fereday

    AKA ‘Golf Perv’ or ‘GP.’ Pat works at The Private Club Agency with Gabe and is a golf addict. He moved here from the UK to play college golf, and has yet to return home. Pat spends his days in the office dreaming of the course, so travelling the finest courses with Let’s Play Thru gives him his fix of golf. Go to shot is anything with a ¾ swing.

  • Chris Krimitsos

    Television Producer and founder of PodFest Multimedia Expo. Chris is our producer/director and has an incredible eye for detail…………… Go to shot is, not applicable, he’s never golfed…..

  • Niel Guilarte

    An accomplished filmmaker having won 3 Gold Telly Awards and 6 Communicator Awards for video production. Niel does 90% of on site filming and 90% of episode editing, so most of what you watch is made beautifully by him. His favorite part of Let’s Play Thru is the food segments. Go to shot is riding in the cart.

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