TPC Danzante Bay

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This episode sees Gabe and Pat take a trip down to Mexico to visit TPC Danzante Bay at the beautiful islands of Loreto. Adjacent to the Golf course is the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa. It’s a resort destination with something for everyone. In fact, the resort and golf course are in one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. There’s a mix of beach, desert, and mountainous elements to the topography and scenery, which is most unusual all in the same place. Having become a part of the TPC network in 2018 the golf course and resort are still under the tourist radar for the most part. The master plan is for this place to become a luxury planned community once the construction of homes is underway. One thing’s for sure though, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Danzante Bay in the coming years.


Loreto, Mexico is not an easy place to get to. Currently the only international flight is once daily from Los Angeles on Alaska airlines. It is, however, one of the most beautiful flights you may ever take as you descend over the sea of Cortez and the rugged mountainous coastline. Upon arrival the hotel has shuttle services taking you to the hotel where we received a warm reception complete with cocktails and hand wash stations. Your room will be assigned and your key is actually a bracelet that you wear at all times. Our rooms were incredible; they were more luxury apartments fit for a king. The personal touches the resort go to are unlike anything we had experienced before.

TPC Danzante Bay

The golf course is the main feature of the resort and didn’t we know it. In fact, we ended up playing it every single day we were there. In a nutshell the course is just WOW. It’s simply beautiful. Every hole is unique and the course almost sets up like a rollercoaster. You meander through the front nine, climbing to the peak on the 5th tee before returning down to the Clubhouse where you head out the beach on holes 12 and 13, you then start the biggest, final climb to the pinnacle, number 17. It is hands down the most spectacular par-3 we have encountered. Perched high above the sea of Cortez, yet as an island, mountain peak green it is simply magnificent. You tee off from an even more elevated set of tees, and as the ball is airborne you truly have no perception of where it will finish, such is the magnitude of this hole. Whilst hole 17 is the Pièce De Résistance the rest of the golf course is equally strong. It’s visually stunning, you play through canyons, there are cacti, water features, elevation changes, scoreable holes. Every single golfer will enjoy playing this course as it’s fair, beautiful and simply incredible.

Resort Activities

The resort at Villa del Palmar itself has an abundance of activities outside of golf. Throughout the complex are various hiking trails varying in length and difficulty. Gabe took one such path and encountered some indigenous artwork from centuries ago. There is even a route to a private beach that some may never see unless they venture onto the hiking trails. An enjoyable boat ride is also available. We spent a morning on the boat tour where you skip across the sea of Cortez checking out the various islands, with optional stops to get out and eat lunch, or go for a snorkel. We encountered a gigantic squad of rays who unbeknownst to us actually leap out of the water. Plus, if you’re lucky you can even encounter dolphins, and whales. The sea of Cortez is said to be one of the richest aquatic ecosystems on the planet so you can be sure to see some wonderful wildlife here.

Tequila Tasting

When in Mexico…. Gabe spent an early afternoon at the Danzante bar on the resort, learning more about the infamous liquor. What we learn is there’s more to tequila than going to an Ugly Coyote saloon having it poured down your throat. Did you know that there is in fact a technique to drink tequila? Neat tequila!! Wade would have been in his element here.… There are also some varieties of tequila that are so well produced you could almost mistake it for water! Well not actually, but it is incredibly smooth. Gabe certainly left with a new appreciation of this type of nectar, and not a hangover.


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