Sacks Parente Series 66 Review

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The Sacks Parente Series 66 putter might just be the best putter on the planet. It features 3 key technologies to ensure your putts start out on line, and end up at the bottom of the cup, more often.

Firstly, it has a super lightweight graphite shaft. Yes, you heard that right…graphite. At first glance this looks and feels very strange, but the advantages quickly become clear.

Combined with a lightweight grip, Sacks Parente claims having a feather light shaft creates a pendulum type of balance which in turn results in more consistent strikes as the putter better squares itself at impact. Which indeed makes logical sense, and in practice we found just plain works.

You’ll be amazed at the balance point we found as well (check out the video below). Whereas most putters balance about 6 to 8 inches up the shaft, the Sacks Parente Series 66 has a balance point just 1″ from the hosel.

Secondly, Sacks Parente Series 66 features a proprietary mix of metals to move more of the weight forward to the putter face. This causes the face to square up better than a traditionally weighted design.

Thirdly the mix of materials used enables these putters to have a super high moment of inertia (MOI). This helps start putts online and keep them rolling true.

We’d also note this works from an aesthetic point of view as well, as the Series 66 truly is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

For a putter that costs more than most drivers, we had to see it to believe it. And to be quite honest, we were blown away by the feel – buttery smooth – and the consistency of our putting.

With an eye watering price between $479.95 – $979.95, the Series 66 putters are not for the faint of heart. But if you think about it, in an average round you might pull out a driver 14 times. You’ll most likely hit at least twice that many putts, so maybe your putter should cost more than your driver. Food for thought.

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Below is our video review along with our real life results. Enjoy.