Taylormade P770 Review – Are They a P790 Upgrade?

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TLDR: I liked them but didn’t love them. Read on or watch the video for our full Taylormade P770 review or read on for details.

There’s a whole lot to like about the all new p770 irons from Taylormade on paper. They’re an absolutely stunning design from an aesthetic perspective, these are pretty much as sexy as a piece of forged steel can get. But as I’ve said before and will echo again, we don’t buy golf clubs for looks alone.

It’s not a stretch to say I loved the Taylormade P790s. The most recent iteration, is long and strong – yes they jacked the lofts a bit, but who doesn’t these days? The hollow bodied design gives great feel, a bit more forgiveness over a traditional build and the distance increase to make any mid-handicapper want to switch from a single-piece design.

The Taylormade P770 have to be some of the best looking clubs on the market.

My only real negative to those clubs were that they were a little on the chunky side. Something I can get over pretty easily when I sign my name to a scorecard that comes in a few shots lower.

So when I heard that Taylormade had created an updated version with a smaller profile, more playability and workability I jumped at the chance to test them out. This might just be the perfect set I’ve been waiting for.

Taylormade’s website claims these clubs offer “explosive distance”. Yeah, I’ll take some of that. It’s a result of their forged hollow body design. The forging process offering that buttery smooth feel players prefer, and the hollow body allowing the opportunity to strategically place some tungsten weighting and other game improving features.

Technology Inside the Taylormade P770 Irons

Inside the face, Taylormade also built in what they call a “speed pocket.” By the shape of it (which looks like ball catching trampoline), I’d say you need to be fairly consistent with your center strikes to take full advantage of it.

Now, unlike tour players, my strikes are often less-than-perfectly center. Taylormade thought of that too, so they also fitted the p770s with Progressive Inverted Cone Technology. Sounds fancy right? Taylormade says, “Engineers strategically positioned Progressive ICT in each iron to improve accuracy and protect off-center ball speed. Each face is uniquely designed to optimize performance for the specific iron.” Sounds good to me!

Like their older siblings the p790s, these new Taylormade p770s also pack in that patented speed foam. I assume this is just a fancy sounding way to fill up the hollow body with a lightweight mass, but when I phoned Taylormade for comment, they suprisingly didn’t take my call.

These clubs come stock with KBS Tour shafts. My favorite shafts I’ve played. The website only lists stiff and extra stiff options, further proving these clubs are meant for players with faster than average swing speeds.

Once I had the clubs in hand, I was surprised that the top line of the p770s seemed every bit as chunky as the p790s. In fact, the two sets seemed very similar apart from the rear and a little bit of face length. I’m sure if I pulled out a ruler, we’d see the 770s are slightly smaller but for practical purposes they seemed more similar than different in terms of overall mass to me.

Taylormade P790 (Left) vs Taylormade P770 (Right)

Our Testing Results

So now to the actual testing. During my Taylormade P770 review, I took my Mizuno MP20-HMBs along to give a baseline. Then I tested the p790s and finally the Taylormade p770s.

The p790s were a touch longer than my Mizunos, but the dispersion was not as good and they lacked a bit of spin. With the 770s I found a big dropoff in distance – almost a full clubs worth. That was shocking. Certainly a far cry from “explosive.” I must say, I was a bit disappointed in that regard.

What the p770s did have going for them was that they were remarkably consistent. My dispersion was fantastically tight, and distance was consistent too. Each shot landing within a couple yards of each other – at least virtually on the simulator. I was impressed with those results.

They were also extremely workable. I could fade and draw the ball with ease. That’s something lower handicap players will really appreciate as they work the ball into different green complexes.

Taylormade P770 Review Verdict

So it’s time for my verdict. All in all, I think there’s a lot to like about them. But as someone with middle of the road swing speed, they just seemed to lack the punch I need. Now, for a low handicapper who consistently makes good contact and has a bit more mph behind them, they’re going to love the consistency, feel and workability the Taylormade p770s provide.

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