Taylormade P790 Irons Review

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In this Taylormade P790 review we’ll take a deep dive into the technology behind one of the best selling clubs for mid-handicappers. Long story short, we loved them, but please read on to learn why or watch our review on YouTube.

Introduction to the Taylormade P790 Irons

From first glance you wouldn’t notice it, but the The TaylorMade p790s are actually hollow bodied clubs. That hollow bodied design allows Taylor made to do a number of things to help improve the distance these irons can generate. 

First off, the P790s feature what Taylormade calls Speed Foam. It’s an ultra-light urethane foam injected inside the head – and this allows the face a bit more give which results in a trampoline-like effect launching the ball off the face faster. 

The forged steel gives these a very nice feel off the club face. Taylor made also claims their thinner forging provides a larger sweet spot and offers more forgiveness. 

Taylormade P790 Technology

The next big piece of technology in the p790 irons is the tungsten weighing. Basically by shifting the weight lower in the club, it helps golfers get it up in the  air quicker – something a lot of golfers struggle with.  I’m the opposite though, I always launch too high it seems. But higher launch means it lands softer and you’ll hopefully hold more greens. That’s a big benefit to a lot of golfers who are going for more distance. 

One gripe I’ve heard from players, is that the hollow body design of these clubs and the ultra springy face sometimes result in occasional flyers. That said, I did not experience in my testing. 

With the hollow bodied design comes some trade offs. Most notably the top line of these clubs are going to look quite a bit thicker if you’re used to playing a blade or muscle back. I’m so used to my HMBs this didn’t phase me at all though. 

To say these are aesthetically pleasing design would be an understatement. It’s certainly subjective, but I think these are probably the most beautiful clubs on the market – the lines are striking. Just look at that. 

But we don’t play golf for looks, so it was time to take these clubs to the simulator and see how they perform. I brought my MP20 HMBs along so we could directly compare my gamers to the p790s. And I gotta tell you, I was really hoping I wouldn’t second guess my choice. Onward….

Taylormade P790 Simulator Testing

After a few warm up swings I started with my Mizuno’s. Buttery soft as always. Decent distance for me – averaging 151 yards with my gamers. This is a few yards less than a normal 7 iron for me, but my swing was a little easier today after pulling my back putting together my sons basketball hoop earlier this week. 

Next up were the Taylormade p790s. I was pleasantly surprised to see a yardage gain. With the p790s I was up to 153 on average. Still a pitching wedge for Tiger and probably a flip wedge for Bryson, but hey, we’re not all Bryson. And if you’re considering these clubs, you’re probably looking for every extra yard you can squeeze out. 

Now I will say the Mizuno’s seemed a bit more forgiving in general. But after knocking out the bad shots with each club, including a DEAD SHANK with the p790s (user error not the club), I was surprised to see the 

The Taylormade’s launched ever so slightly lower than my MP20s and backspin was a little less as well. – which might account for the couple extra yards. Overall, I have to say I was impressed. EXTREMELY impressed. 

Final Verdict on the Taylormade P790s

So if you’re also deciding between the Taylormades and the Mizuno’s, what can I say…they’re both incredible. The p790s might provide a couple extra yards but the HMBs might hold the green a little better. I do think that the HMBs are more forgiving overall – especially on thin shots and chunked shots, but on solid strikes, the p790s seemed a little more consistent in terms of left / right dispersion. Honestly I’d be happy to game either.  

Hope you enjoyed this review and please check out all of our golf club reviews here.

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