I Found the Longest Driver of 2022 – Cobra LTDx Reviewed

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As a mere mortal myself (I have a driver swing speed of 95-100mph) I’ve been searching for the longest driver of 2022. Sure, distance isn’t everything, but it definitely doesn’t hurt us guys who marvel at the tour averages and scratch our heads when our buddies blast it past us on the weekends.

At the same time, I don’t always make perfect contact. So my ideal driver definitely needs to be long AND forgiving enough to squeak out a few more fairways. During the spring of 2022 I’ve been testing each and every one and I believe I have found the longest driver of the year in the Cobra LTDx – it also happens to be pretty darn forgiving too.

Here’s a link to my full review on YouTube or simply click the video below.

Watch my YouTube on-course review of the Cobra LTDx LS

On-Course Testing

Cobra LTDx Variants

I tested both the Cobra LTDx as well as the LTDx LS versions on course. In case you’re wondering what the “LS” means, it’s Cobra’s “low spin” version. The truth is, I found both to be super long. I noticed only a very slight difference between the two. The standard LTDx seems to have just a bit more forgiveness and the LS model has just a bit more roll out due to its slightly lower spin rate.

Top view of the Cobra LTDx – longest driver 2022

Likely I’d recommend the LTDx for most golfers and reserve the LS only for lower handicappers who don’t need that extra forgiveness. There might be an extra yard or two to squeak out there. But let me be clear, whichever model you choose, you’ll be swinging what I think is 2022’s longest driver.

There is also an LTDx MAX version, which introduces a draw bias. This will be the choice for those who have a tendency to slice the ball. There’s an adjustable heel weight to add even more draw bias if needed. In my opinion though, it’s better to fix that slice with a golf lesson and proper swing technique rather than relying on a club to do it for you. But to each their own.

Browse all the Cobra LTDx configurations at PlayBetter.com.

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My First Impressions of the Cobra LTDx – Longest Driver 2022

Sleek, futuristic design of the Cobra LTDx LS

I love the look of the driver both in the bag and at address. Cobra’s design team has really livened the looks of its clubs up these last few years. Very sleek and modern designs are becoming a hallmark. There’s a tungsten weight that’s been placed at the rear of the head, and there’s adjustable weights at the bottom.

Rear view of the longest driver of 2022

The face of the driver is absolutely gorgeous – featuring Cobra’s infinity face technology with its CNC milling. Cobra claims this helps expand the zone of maximum ball speed, and in practice I do think it helps make this driver both longer and more consistent.

Infinity face milling on Cobra LTDX

In terms of sound and feel, both are very good. This driver has more of a “thud” rather than a “ting” which I enjoy. You also get immediate feedback on shots that are hit center or off-center.

So Just How Much Longer Is This Driver?

For comparison, my normal driver length with my swing speed of 95-100 is in the 235-265 yard range depending on wind and weather. With the Cobra LTDx LS I’ve been able to squeak out another 4-7 yards on average over my gamer, a TaylorMade SIM2.

When hit in the center, I’ve hit drives as long as 272, with most in the 260-270 yard range under “normal” conditions. Into big winds, my shots are frequently in the 240’s and 250’s which put me in much better positions to score.

Longest Driver 2022 result - 272 yards
This was a 272 Yard Drive with a 99 mph Swing Speed

Not Just the Longest 2022 Driver, It’s Accurate

Beyond the extra yards I gained with this driver, I noticed just how forgiving it was on mishits. I frequently found my ball in much better positions than I deserved to be when struck off the toe or low on the face (my favorite two places to miss). I found the Cobra LTDx to be the longest driver of 2022, and right up there with the most accurate.

Compared to Other Longest Drivers of 2022

I was shocked when the Cobra beat out what many other consider to be the longest of the year in the TaylorMade Stealth. During my head to head testing, it consistently beat it by 3-5 yards, sometimes more.

In fact, of all the drivers I’ve tested this year, the only other driver that comes close is the Callaway Rogue ST (click here for that review). The Cobra LTDx beat it by a very slim margin in the distance category during my initial testing. However, I’ll be doing a head to head battle with these two drivers soon on our YouTube channel, so make sure you’re subscribed.

The Cobra LTDx is truly a beast and one that just may find its way into my bag in 2022.

Browse all the Cobra LTDx configurations at PlayBetter.com.

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