A Remarkable Upgrade – Mevo Plus Pro Package Review

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In a day and age of planned obsolescence it’s so refreshing to see a company improve an already great product. That’s exactly what Foresight did with its Mevo Plus Pro Package. With the addition of fusion tracking and D-plane anaylsis, the Mevo+ is now punching well above its weight class and putting it in the conversation with much more expensive launch monitors and simulators.

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Mevo Plus Pro Upgrade Improvements

Fusion Tracking

Up until now, golf launch monitors have offered one of two solutions to measuring ball and club data: either using doppler radar or optical (camera-based) tracking. 

The Mevo Plus itself was a doppler based device. Using echo location in order to measure things like direction, ball speed, club speed and more. 

Other systems like the SkyTrak or Bushnell Launch Pro use a camera-based system, measuring that same data hundreds of times per second optically. 

Now the cool things is that the Mevo+ already had a built in camera that was used to record shots on their app. Golfers used it to record swings which they could analyze themselves or even send to friends and golf coaches to review.

Built-in camera on the Mevo+ can be seen at the top right corner

The Flightscope engineering team somehow managed to put them together – or fuse them. This master stroke made the Mevo Plus more accurate and also opened up some pretty exciting possibilities. Let’s cover those now. 

The upgrade adds two new icons to the screen – Club Analysis and Charts

Club Analysis

The Mevo Plus upgrade now includes both 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional views your shots. Essentially for every swing you take, it builds a 3 dimensional model like this image below.

Club path analysis on the new Mevo Plus Upgrade

You can also pinch / zoom to view every angle of the shot on a 3D plane. You can view one shot at a time or look at all of your shots in combination to see where your strengths and weaknesses in the strike lay. This type of data can be helpful to golfers of all skill levels.

Multi-shot 3D view shows all swings taken so you can see just how consistent or inconsistent your strikes were

D-Plane Views

This is a feature set once reserved for FlightScope’s flagship launch monitors like the X3 that cost significantly more than the Mevo+. I think it’s an absolute game changer to have D-plane data now available in this Mevo Plus Pro Package upgrade.

Some metrics and views that the Mevo Plus D-plane now provides includes: Club Path, Angle of Attack, Face to Path, Dynamic Loft and Launch Angles.

You can punch in to each of these sections individually and see more info on each aspect. I find a lot of value in the Ball Spin Axis view. It shows you at what angle the spin on the ball takes. You actually see the ball spinning in the animation the Mevo+ builds. A big blue line gives you a sense of the right or left spin that was imparted to the strike.

Mevo+ Pro Package Charts

The next exciting thing about this upgrade to the Mevo Plus are the charts. Now included in this upgrade, you’re able to view both the Club Speed Profile and the Club Acceleration Profile.

The club speed profile shows you how fast your club came thru at all stages of the swing. It measures from 3 feet out up until impact – which is the zero distance you see on the horizontal axis. I’m not a club fitter and don’t claim to be, but what I look for here is consistency in the speed with no major valleys or peaks. Below you’ll see my profile after a number of shots.

Mevo+ Pro Package Club Acceleration Profile

The club acceleration profile will help you determine the correct shaft for your swing type. Once again, I’m not a club fitter and I’m not an expert on breaking down the swing mechanics. If you want to dive a little deeper on the topic, this is a good resource.

What I look for here is consistency. Others might be looking for a “J” curve at right before impact to show the shaft is giving them a bit more lift / help. Each shaft will have a different acceleration profile and by having access to this data, you’re now only limited by your ability to analyze the charts. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

Multi-Camera Recording

Another amazing upgrade included in the Mevo+ Pro Package is the ability to use multiple cameras to record the swing. As mentioned before, the Mevo Plus already has an on-board camera. Now you can add other bluetooth enabled devices that have a camera – like mobile phones and tablets, to build a multi-camera setup.

I found it super simple to use my phone as a second camera here. My only mistake is I forgot to flip the image on it! Luckily that’s an easy fix.

Having this feature will allow you to send more angles to your coach or even your friends who claim to be amateur club fitters. Come on, you know you have some of those.

Mevo Plus Pro Package Final Thoughts

So do I think it’s worth spending the extra $1,000 to upgrade your existing Mevo Plus to this new pro package? Absolutely, I do! By doing so you’ll unlock a whole new set of analysis features that previously would have been a considerable expense.

I find the Mevo+ Pro Package features to be easy to understand and glean valuable insights from – even for a mere mortal like myself. I know that as I use them more, I’ll gain a better appreciation for the mechanics of both the golf swing and the technology packed inside the golf clubs I test out.

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